As a parish, we are heeding God’s call to serve “the least of these” in our community. Here are a few ways in which we strive to be “the hands and face of Jesus”

In Our Backyard

The goal of this group is to build empathy for the needs of people in our surrounding cities, in order to discern the best way to help and then to act in response.

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Beautiful Day

For the past two years St. Timothy’s parishioners have participated in Beautiful Day. Joining a growing group of government agencies, community organizations and people from all walks of life serving others by addressing all sorts of needs across Santa Clara County.

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SMUM is an outreach ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real. SMUM provides the local community with a safe, welcoming place for basic services.

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Manna Bags

Our youth assemble “Manna Bags” for parishioners to give to the homeless or people in need whom we encounter on the street. Each Manna bag contains toiletries, socks, food, water and other essentials.

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We are called to be an enlightened force for good in our community by serving those in need. We give time, energy and funding to our local charities and works projects.