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St. Timothy’s Preschool

St. Timothy’s Preschool is a small established community preschool in Mountain View, CA providing care for children from 2 years & 9 months through 5 years old in a mixed age setting. We offer a play-based, non-academic, emergent curriculum with a strong focus on supporting children’s social and emotional growth. (This is not a religious program.) Learn more about our preschool here.

Current openings:


We seek an accredited Co-Director who has teaching experience in a preschool setting. We are looking for a warm, good natured, enthusiastic and very reliable person who can take an active role in the classroom, supporting our current Director in overseeing our program, supervising teachers, and maintaining our child-centered philosophy. Our preschool runs Monday through Friday 8:30am – 3pm, and the Co-Director should plan to be on campus a majority of those hours, especially through the end of the school day.

We envision this position as a full time role, at 40 hours per week. For the right candidate, we are open to negotiating a work schedule of between 30 and 40 hours.

See posting for requirements:
Co-Director Position – St Tim’s Preschool – 2023


To apply, please send cover letter and résumé to: