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St. Timothy’s is a small, diverse, community-based preschool that provides a safe and welcoming space for children to be children.

St. Tim's Preschool students

We are a play-based emergent curriculum program that encourages personal autonomy and outside-the-box exploration. Our mixed-age classroom supports peer learning and organic mentoring, helping build children’s social skills, empathy and confidence.  Children are invited to choose what they will explore in either the indoor or outdoor classroom. 


We do not offer partial schedules.

All children are enrolled for the full-time program, Mon. – Fri. 

The 2022-23 school year begins Tuesday Sept. 6, 2022:
Full-time schedule: M-F, 8:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Monthly tuition:  $1405

Extended day program: M-F, 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Monthly tuition: $2030

Application fee: $60 new enrollments/ $55 returning students.

Registration fee: $220 new enrollments/ $210 returning students.







“ Both my children have attended St Tim’s and their experiences have been absolutely wonderful. The staff are dedicated, thoughtful and kind. I feel grateful every day I drop my daughter off because I know she will be nurtured and cared for in a way that is invaluable. She looks forward to school every day. This is truly a special place and the school director goes above and beyond to make early childhood education at St Tim’s the absolute best.”
– Anna W., Alumni Parent 2021

“If I had to dream up a perfect preschool for my children it would be St. Timothy’s. This school is completely secular. The director and teachers are highly skilled, caring, and know so much about child development. I’ve learned so much about my son through them this year. Their conference notes were incredible! I feel like they know my son better than I do in some ways.

 Every student/family that is there currently loves this school because the teachers make it about the kids. They have a gentle way of encouraging each child to develop their true self, and my son’s confidence in social situations has greatly improved. It is a wonderful student to teacher ratio! Also, the mixed age environment is very natural and appropriate for the children. They all seem to enjoy learning and teaching opportunities. 

If you are looking for a creative, modern curriculum where children are allowed to be children, this is a school for you. Students are encouraged to explore their interests. 

I have been an elementary school teacher for years, and I wish that all elementary schools embraced the style of this preschool. There are no major behavioral problems because of the way students are engaged and allowed to explore, collaborate, and be themselves. The teachers are so good at working with them in a constructive manner, and the students truly love each other and their teachers.”
– Andrea P., Alumni Parent 2021

“I’ve never encountered a more loving, joyful, and nurturing preschool than St. Tim’s. We joined in Fall 2020 because our almost-5-year-old son’s previous childcare never reopened after closing for COVID. St. Tim’s has been a wonderful experience…and our son has grown so much just in the past six months. St. Tim’s is a play-based school with an enticing variety of activities that vary from day to day. They do a lot of open-ended building and arts and crafts. They also play and work in the school garden, listen to and act out stories, explore musical instruments, and do many sensory activities such as play-dough and sandboxes. Academics are not pushed, but kids who are interested have ample opportunity to build their reading, writing, and math skills (my son’s skills have definitely improved in the few months that he’s been there). The teachers also pay close attention to gently nurturing social skills, and they have been able to report on my son’s progress in initiating group play, resolving conflicts, and so on.”
– Amber K., Alumni Parent 2021

“My son absolutely loves this school…A machine can memorize math facts so why send your child to a school that drills silly “fundamentals” that they aren’t truly learning. Any person can train a child. It takes very creative and patient teachers to CULTIVATE a child’s curiosity and mind. And funny enough, my son is actually producing higher quality “academic” work than I found at ANY of the “play based” academic programs at other schools. He can write his name because he intrinsically wanted to, not because he was drilled into it”
– Shelby S., Alumni Parent 2019