Little Free Pantry

What is a Little Free Panty?

It is not an organization or a nonprofit. It is run by neighbors who feel called to help other neighbors.
The LFP movement was started in Arkansas several years ago by a woman named Jessica McClard, who
built a wooden box on a post containing food, hygiene products, and paper items and it was accessible
to everyone all the time, no questions asked. Several months later, the LFP movement had spread
through the country and across the globe.

St. Tim’s is proud to host a Little Free Pantry. The LFP is intended to provide a supply of food for those
who are unable to meet everyday food and personal hygiene needs. It is for the community, by the
community: Anyone can donate items and anyone can take items. Stop by anytime. The pantry is always

Donations of non-perishable groceries & personal hygiene products are always welcome. Please ensure
all donated items have not expired or been damaged. Please also ensure all items are “easy open” and do not require can openers to access.

Sign up to volunteer to monitor LFP for one week and sort and stock as needed.  Please use this form to volunteer.

Questions?  Email: