Worship With Us

9:00 AM Courtyard Service for All Ages

Held in the St. Tim’s courtyard, this service invites participants of all ages to contribute and worship with their whole selves. This service combines the ancient elements of Christian worship with the contemporary awareness of learning styles and developmental engagement to allow for a more faithful worship by all.

9:45 AM Childcare, Craft, and Free Play

During the summer, kids from 5-10 are invited to create a craft and engage supervised free play after the Courtyard Service. They will meet in Room 1 and also have free time on the ball court. Younger children, age 1-4, are welcome for snack and free play in Room 2.

9:45 AM Coffee, Bagels, and Fellowship

In between our two worship services, the community gathers for fellowship and light refreshments in front of the church. Worshippers at both services are encouraged to meet here to connect and enjoy the beautiful morning.

10:00 AM Sermon+ with Q&A

Ever wanted to engage more with the Sunday sermon? This offering between services allows those in the Courtyard Service to hear the Nave Sermon and offers anyone a chance to ask the preacher a question or two about their message.

10:30 AM Nave Service – Joyful and Inclusive (Online Livestream)

A contemporary interpretation of the ancient liturgy of the Church. The sound of our worship band unites the congregation in worship with a blending of styles including hymns and sacred liturgical music, as well as praise, contemporary and gospel songs.

We believe children belong in worship. We try to design liturgy that fully integrates all participants in the worshiping life of our parish. Having to teach children why we do what we do in worship, forces us to be intentional. Children inspire us to remain fresh, relevant and alive in our expressions of worship.