Our Staff


The Rev Nicholas Roosevelt

Interim Priest


Kathy Song

Parish Office Manager


Stacey Sullivan

Preschool Director


Dave Wilde

Facilities Coordinator



The vestry is responsible for the financial and legal matters of the parish and for calling and supporting the rector. Vestry members are elected to three-year terms. Vestry elections are held at the annual meeting, which usually takes place at the end of January. The vestry is led by a senior warden (appointed by the rector) and a junior warden (elected by the vestry). At St. Timothy’s, the junior warden has traditionally been responsible for overseeing maintenance of church property.

The 2022 Vestry members are:

Co-Senior Wardens – Steve Peters and Ed Stedman
Junior Warden – Chrissy Ulrey

Members – Michael Shumway, David Vance Wagner, Fern Fayers-Thompson, Heather Myers, Annett Trail, and Will Watkins.

Vance Wagner is serving as Treasurer.  Ed Stedman is serving as Clerk.

If you have questions or concerns, you are invited to contact them.

Vestry Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are available in upon request.