Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness at St. Tim’s

Note: Additional information will be posted in the coming months. Contact Dave Wilde, the Congregational Disaster Coordinator, if you have any questions or comments. The St. Timothy’s Disaster Preparedness Plan (“Plan”) is established:
  • In accordance with the guidance from the Episcopal Relief and Development U.S. Disaster Program
  • At the direction of Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves, Diocese of El Camino Real; and,
  • With the approval of the Vestry of St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church.


This Plan covers all St. Timothy’s staff members and official church functions and operations. This plan is also meant to cover non-staff personnel and non-church related functions to the extent feasible. All St. Timothy’s staff members are expected to operate in compliance with the plan and are responsible for assisting with its implementation. It is intended that this Plan will be communicated to all personnel and groups who use the facility, but the Plan does not necessarily supersede the specific emergency procedures established by other organizations (e.g., St. Timothy’s Preschool, Champion Youth Enrichment School).


This Plan is intended to provide for the overall safety of people and property at the St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church facility. This plan covers a variety of topics related to personnel safety, emergency preparedness, security, and loss prevention.

Disaster Leadership Team

The Congregational Disaster Coordinator provides leadership and guidance to the congregation in advance of, during, and following an emergency, and leads the Disaster Leadership Team (DLT). The Disaster Leadership Team supports the Coordinator and the congregation in preparedness and response efforts.

Current Team Members:

  • Kandace Klemba
  • Bill Rankin
  • Grace Schmidt
  • Bill Shreve
  • Dave Wilde (coordinator)