Creation Care News

At St. Timothy’s we have a dedicated group of parishioners and community members that meet regularly to discuss how to be faithful stewards of God’s Creation. The Creation Care Team’s goals are learning and discussion, building community and taking action as individuals, institutions and in local and national governments.

Creation Care Discussion Series

We invite you to join us in learning about climate change and to discuss the impact we can make by responding to God’s call to care for creation. Coordinated by the Creation Care Task Force at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church 

Join us on Zoom! 7-8:30pm on the Wednesdays listed below.

Wednesday November 4 – Estimating Our Impact

We have postponed the Electric Vehicle meeting originally planned for this evening. It will be rescheduled in 2021. We will still meet. Bill Shreve will be talking about ways to measure the impact we have on the environment and individualized ways to reduce that impact.

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Wednesday November 18 – Gratitude & Hope Potluck

Get in the mood for the Thanksgiving holiday by joining in this time to share the good news around creation care that does not make the front pages of the media. This virtual “potluck” celebrates what we have learned and done this year and what gives us hope for the future. Please bring your thanksgivings, hopes and prayers to this “Gratitude Potluck.”  

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Wednesday December 2 – Holiday Edition

The Christmas season is a celebration of the birth of our savior for the church, but we can also get caught up in the consumerism of the season. The pandemic can make this time even more stressful as our family and community gatherings are curtailed. Come learn how others are celebrating with a gentler impact on creation while reducing personal stress. Please bring your ideas to share.

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Wednesday December 16 – Celebrating Creation

Why are we working on creation care? We want to be able to share the places we know and love with our family and friends for years to come. Can you contribute a picture of a favorite place or a piece of recorded music that fills you with the joy of creation? We’ll combine our favorites in a service of music and pictures celebrating the beauty of creation. Please send contributions to by December 2 and then join us for an evening of music, pictures, videos and prayers celebrating creation on December 16.

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Wednesday December 30 – (No Meeting) Creation Care Resolutions

Enjoy the New Year’s holiday by making a resolution to care for creation in 2021 following the recommendations we have covered in meetings this year or in another way that fits your lifestyle. We will take this night off and resume our meetings in January.

Past Events – Click on the links for the recorded videos!

Wednesday Oct 21 – Low-Carbon, Sustainable Investing with Patrick Costello

Wednesday Oct 7 – Environmental Justice as part of LAUMC 

Wednesday Sept 23 – Reducing Your Carbon “Foodprint”

Wednesday Sept 9 – Regenerative Gardening

Wednesday Aug 26 – Zero Waste as a Way of Life

Wednesday Aug 12 – Home Electrification

Wednesday July 29 – Creation Care: God’s Call to Us


Creation Care Tip of the Week

Learn about composting at home in 5 easy steps! Click here for more info!


In Our Own Words

Below are videos from three St. Tim’s members who share why they are committed to meeting regularly to discuss our place in creation and how we can be positive environmental change agents in the world.

Bill Shreve

Annett Trail

Vance Wagner