All Ages Service

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All Ages Service


This worship service celebrates the power of God at work in the life of children. There is no better way for children to learn of the love of God than in the midst of joyful worship.

We recognize children are fidgety, sometimes loud. Children need to move around to see what is going on. They perceive the world and think about things in a way different from adults. Rather than force children to be little adults in church, we honor who they are. We also encourage family life by giving them a place to worship together in a way that makes sense to children without neglecting the spiritual needs of adults.

This worship service is designed with families of young children in mind. The music is accessible to children without being “childish.” It touches their hearts while expressing an adult faith.

The children come and sit near the preacher to hear a message that has been prepared to connect with young minds. Children are very concrete and practical in their thinking. Children learn to pray in an environment that holds their attention and engages their imagination. Worship lasts about 45 minutes. After communion and dismissal the children are dismissed for Godly Play and Nursery Care with their teachers.

After worship, adults can grab a cup of coffee and bagel and fellowship out front of the church nave or come inside Edwards Hall to catch the Sermon+ w/Q&A.