About St. Tim’s Preschool

Morning and Full Day Sessions

In response to new regulations around COVID-19, and in order to keep our children and families safe, we have updated our program offerings:

St. Tim’s offers mixed-age (3-5 years old) preschool class sessions every weekday from 9am-1pm, September through June. Our calendar matches most local school districts. Classes fill with 12 children and 3 teachers.

– Updated July 2020

Benefits of a Multi-Age Program

  • Multi-age groups promote family-like relationships. 
  • Children can teach and learn from each other. 
  • Children in multi-age groups have greater freedom to develop at their own rate without being labeled as slow or extremely bright


Every Thursday and Friday we gather to make music with Teacher Peter. On Thursdays children work in small groups to explore different instruments or write their own music. On Fridays the entire preschool community is invited to join us in the courtyard as we sing and make music together.

  • This session has no additional cost.
  • Friday attendance is not required to participate in group music.

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