Lots of Love

The City of Mountain View, County of Santa Clara, Community Services Agency, and local faith communities have partnered with Lots of Love to provide respite and resources for local unsheltered families or persons, living in vehicles, with the goal of transition to more stable housing.

St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church is one site for the program pilot, running July 2-September 30. During this time, up to 3 non-RV vehicles, permitted through Lots of Love, can park in designated spaces in the St. Timothy’s lot between 7am and 7pm. The parking lot will be visited by a Lots of Love monitor twice in each 7pm to 7am time period. The Mountain View Police Department is aware of and supporting this program and will make periodic visits to the sites and address any inappropriate behavior they encounter.

Contact information for questions and concerns:

For any Emergency – contact the police: 9-1-1 or 1-408-277-8911

24-hour Lots of Love telephone hotline: (650) 314-1962  (to report non-urgent, non-threatening situations)

St. Timothy’s Church contacts: Steve and Teresa Peters (For questions, comments or information – fill out the form at the bottom of this page or leave a message in the church office: 650-967-4724.)

For referrals – contact the Community Services Agency: 650-968-0836 or www.csacares.org

Program Rules

  1.     No drugs, marijuana, or alcohol may be contained in the vehicle or consumed on the CHURCH property.
  2.     No violence or threats of violence are permitted.
  3.     No firearms or weapons of any kind are permitted.
  4.     No cooking or food preparation may be performed outside of Client’s vehicle.
  5.     No music may be played that can be heard on surrounding sidewalks and properties.
  6.     Parking is limited to the program hours and days as determined by each site.
  7.     The Client must possess a current driver’s license, vehicle registration and insurance for the vehicle that will be parked in the Designated Space.  Only authorized vehicles are permitted on the lots. LOL will keep a copy of all three documents in its records.
  8.     Vehicle may only be occupied by designated clients and approved registered household members. Guests are not allowed in vehicles or on property.
  9.     Clients may not sleep outside vehicles.
  10.  Vehicles must park at least ½ mile away from the lot during non-operating hours.
  11.  A parent or guardian must supervise children at all times.
  12.  Failure to follow all rules will result in termination from the program and expulsion from church property.
  13.  Users and household members waive any relocation benefits and rights to tenancy.

Participant Eligibility

Individuals/households are eligible to participate in this program if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Client must possess a working vehicle
  2. Client must have valid driver’s license and registration.
  3. Client must have proof of current vehicle liability insurance.
  4. Client agrees to follow LOL and site specific rules.

Referrals are only accepted through the Community Services Agency. Clients are issued 1 month renewable parking permits through the Community Services Agency and connected to social services as part of the permitting process.