2024 Annual Meeting

This year’s meeting will be held on Sunday, January 28, 2024

Annual Report: Looking Back on 2023

We will start with a Single Service at 10:00 AM  (Nave and Livestream)

Then, we will process to Edwards Hall, fill our plates with yummy brunch food,
and begin our Annual Meeting at 11:15 AM Annual meeting.

A remote option will be provided (please see the weekly e-newsletter. For security, we are not publicly posting the link.).

Childcare will be provided during the meeting from 11:15am – 12:15pm.

This page will be updated with more information, so stay tuned. We look forward to seeing you there!


Annual Meeting Agenda

11:15 AM Greeting and Call to Order

Opening Prayer

Approval of the Meeting Minutes of the 2023 Annual Meeting

Wardens’ Report: Steve Peters, Chrissy Ulrey, Todd Hausman

A Look Back: St. Tim’s 50 Years Ago

Introduction and Election of Vestry and Deanery Delegates

Recognition of Retiring Vestry Members

Preschool Report: Stacey Sullivan

A Look Back: St. Tim’s 20 Years Ago

Treasurer’s Report: Vance Wagner

Priest’s Report: The Rev. Nikky Wood




2023 Diocesan Convention Candidates

(St. Timothy’s is qualified to elect 4 persons plus alternates)
Fern Jaspers-Fayer, Bill Shreve, Maggie Stedman, Marguerite Williams


2023 Vestry Candidates

Jaime Gainer

I’ve been attending St. Tim’s in person since Autumn 2021.  Before that, I attended services online for about a year.  I really fell in love with St. Tim’s through those lovingly produced streaming services during the pandemic!  Since joining, I’ve tried to help continue that tradition by assisting with streaming and the sound board.  I’ve also enjoyed being a reader as well as being a regular participant in Bible Book Club and Prayer Journey.  Professionally, I am a machine learning engineer at Sony PlayStation; I moved back to the Bay Area to start a tech career in 2018 after a little over a decade of working in theoretical particle physics.  I’m originally from Virginia, but have lived in six states, including near the beach in Hawaii and near a much colder beach in Illinois.  I’m excited about the opportunity to serve on the vestry, to learn more about St. Tim’s, and to help out as best I can!

Peter Halpin

I have been a parishioner and band member at St. Tim’s since 1999. My wife Suzanne and our 2
sons Matt and Sean moved here from Waterloo, Canada in 1998 when I accepted a transfer with
HP, for whom I worked for 37 years before retiring in 2012. I was drawn to St. Timothy’s in part
by the music program and in part by the welcoming parishioners I met. I was raised Anglican, so
St. Tim’s was a natural fit. I had been on the Board of Management for our Church in Canada a
few years prior to our move.

Suzanne retired in 2011 after working as a teacher then French Department Head in Canada,
followed by 10 years as a teacher at Pomeroy School in Santa Clara. She plays tennis 4 times per
week, and expends the rest of her abundant energy at 24 Hour Fitness.

I received a B.Sc. in Computer Science from The University of Western Ontario in London,
Ontario, and an MBA from McGill University in Montreal. My last job prior to retirement was
developing worldwide quality analysis systems for HP desktop computers. Part of my HP
training had involved attaining a black belt in HP’s Quality Management program.

In 2013 I joined the Cupertino Rotary Club, and now participate in several committees. I recently
served as Club CFO for 2 ½ years. I also love to help paint houses as a volunteer for twice-yearly
“Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley” projects, and volunteered as a server at Our Daily Bread in
Sunnyvale for a year prior to COVID.

I look forward to rewarding relationships with other Vestry members, and hope to contribute by
sharing some of my quality training, and experiences with finance and budgeting at Rotary.

Joan Lewis

I’m Joan, a lifelong Christian raised in a Fundamentalist Baptist Church actively believing that the only way to go to heaven (and avoid going to hell) was to follow a specific set of beliefs. Opportunities to live abroad showed me the narrowness of such a belief. I raised my own children in a “home” church that grew out of the Jesus/charismatic movement of the 70s. It was fundamentalist in doctrine, but it was a place of love and encouragement for us to grow as Christians. When that church disbanded and my children were gone, I became a member and chaplain in the Unity church. After Covid, I wanted a local church. You proclaimed on a sign “You are beautiful, you are loved, and you belong here.” I came and have felt like I belonged here for more a year. I serve now on coffee/bagel preparation and with the Prayer Journey group. I would be honored to serve on the Vestry.

Margo Siewert

Hello, I am Margo Siewert. I grew up attending an Evangelical Covenant Church in rural Wisconsin. I moved to California after college, where I studied Computer Information Systems. I have worked at a few tech companies, a few consulting companies, and currently work for NICE Systems as a Business Analyst. While I tried a few different churches in my early adulthood, I never attended any church for very long. At the end of 2001, when looking for more of a sense of community in my life, is when I first found St. Timothy’s. I attended until 2009 and returned in 2016. Coming back felt like coming home; I was welcomed by the warm and loving people here. I have helped in a few various ministries over the years, including Altar Guild, Sunday School, and Vacation Bible Camp. I currently serve as a LEM at the 10:30 service. I believe my attention to detail and organizational skills will be of benefit to the Vestry.